Gerry's Kids

Training & Consultation in Early Childhood Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

Contracting Information

The following figures are meant to be guidelines, and are subject to flexibility.

Training Fees:
In-State:  $750/day
Out-of-State:  $1000/day

Travel Expenses:
Mileage for travel within Oregon:  .55/mile
Meals:  $52 per diem
Rental Car for travel outside Oregon:  up to $35/day
Lodging:  pre-paid by contracting agency
Airfare:  pre-paid by contracting agency

Special Expenses:
A training mannikin is used in The Safety First Curriculum.  If contracting out-of-state for this training, the mannikin rides as checked baggage, for a fee of $25 each way.

Equipment Needs:
I supply my own laptop and portable speakers.
The contracting agency supplies a data projector, a screen or clear wall on which to project, and a suitable facility for participants.