Gerry's Kids

Training & Consultation in Early Childhood Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

Tools & Resources

101 Activities You Can Do as a Family for No-Cost or Low-Cost

4-panel rule strip ENSP

I feel… I need… visual

All Done

Alone or with people-Modular

Alone or with people

Behavior Tracking Form

Being Safe Outside

Bilingual Bus rules

Circle Choices

Everyone Poops

Functional Assessment Interview Form (Spanish)

Functional Assessment Interview Form

Family Routine Guide

Family Planning Sheet

Feeling Chart

Feeling Chart (Spanish)

First-Then board

Hello-Goodbye board

help choices

Home Observation Card

I feel I need chart

I feel… I need 4 copy

Indoor Motor Activities

Lego Icons

My Day

Negative Behavior Tracking

No Weapons

Observation Cards

Outside Clean-up Choice Board

Outside Safety Game and Oustide Cleanup choice board

Peer Mediated Social Skills Lesson Plans

PEFF (Gerry)

PEFF fold book

Positive Behavior Tracking

Response Formula (conflict)

Response Formula (aggression)

Rules Matrix

Routine Based Support Guide

Teacher Support Planning Sheet

Smell the Flowers-Blow the Candles

Solution Kit Cards (Spanish)

Solution Kit Cards

Stop-Slow Down-Choose (Spanish)

Stop-Slow Down-Choose

Stop and Wait for a Teacher signs

Take a Break

Teasing Shield

Therapist, Teacher, Parent Visual (Spanish)

Therapist, Teacher, Parent Visual

Time Out vs. Time In (teachers)

Toileting Cards

Transition Resources

Tucker Turtle Takes Time

Turtle Book (small)

Turtle Technique Cards

Turtle Technique Unit

Turtle Technique

Volcano Calming Sequence

Volume Tag

Warm Fuzzy